Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Change Element: Greater Transparency in Communication

In April and May, through various conversations and meetings, one of the goals of the 21st Century Initiative is to identify “change elements” (tasks, conditions, etc.) that when addressed will help MCPS develop into the teaching and learning community it seeks to be. These change elements must be sufficiently concrete and support a plan of action, including identifying tasks, evidence of success and key players.  We will post some of the ideas that were identified recently in meetings to encourage online discussion. As you consider the change elements and associated actions, think about the general outcome that would be accomplished by taking these actions, and if it is consistent with the overall 21st century goals.

Change Element 4: Create more transparent communication in an effort to be more community oriented

1. Have schools develop a regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly) video report on “This week in the 21st century.”
2. Create a digital portfolio of 21st century practices*
4. Remove ambiguity in district and building documents (create a place for feedback).

If accomplished, what will be the benefit/outcome of this change element? What is the goal of this change element? How do these action items support the change element? What others might you include?

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